Common Travel Myths


We travel to a lot of places in the world and it is common to find some of these myths which can allow you to grow in the whole picture. With so much e wallet casino singapore one can encounter certain myths which are not true at all. In this article we will be learning about the myths that we most commonly hear while travelling.

Travel is expensive

Travel is can be expensive but no travel is free. The idea that travel is expensive is due to many advertisements and commercials which show that it is expensive. There are many ways that you can actually save money which can allow you to travel a little more. One way you can save money is by making use of these travel websites and the tools they have to offer for an inexpensive trip.


Credit cards are stupid financial move

Credit card is one of the most smartest financial move. This allows you to travel basically for free and later repay the bank. All you have to make sure is that you do not spend money that you will not be able to pay back. Also, having multiple credit cards can help increase your credit score allowing you to be a more eligible candidate for a loan.

Couch surfing is unsafe

This is also one of the most common myth. Couch surfing is an experience that shows the kindness of the strangers where they allow you to sleep on their couch. There is a general fear that  world is not safe and dangerous but there is solid proof that crimes have gone down. Couch surfing allows you to learn about people in different places which can be the best place to learn and grow as a travelling.

Hitch hiking

Hitch hiking is unsafe

This is a myth which dates back to 1950s where the FBI campaigned to stop this practice. Hitch hiking is not dangerous all you have to do is be sure of the surroundings and ensure that you can easily understand the situation and make you way out of a rough situation.

Travel is dangerous for women

This is one myth that women seem to believe even today. There are many circumstances which has given women the opportunity to stay safe. Women are still fearful of the consequences which can make it difficult for them to travel alone. Another, reason that people believe is that women are more likely to be taken advantage of due to their naive behaviour. But, as we see the world changing around instant withdrawal online casino Singapore. We can make sure that women are safe in environment which was once considered to be dangerous.



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