Casino Psychological Tricks Which Is Used To Manipulate Players


If you think that there is more to casino that what meets the eye. You are right as most of us tend to be aware of only the surroundings and do not look the picture at a deeper level. In this article, we are discussing few ways casinos lotto4d result play psychological tricks on our minds.

No clocks and windows

This is to distract the customers who comes in. if you have noticed that there are no clocks and windows in these casino areas. This makes it much more likely that you forget the time and keep on playing. Also, no matter what time you enter the lighting of the casino will remain the same which will lead you brain into thinking that the time is not moving which can be the reason you keep playing for more than what is necessary.

Crazy Carpets

Crazy Carpets

The carpets that you see in these casino established are some of the most confusing. They are brightly coloured and have psychedelic effect on anyone who looks at them. This is another way casino makes its customers stay a lot longer. These patterns also make it easier for you to keep the players happy and encourage them to play more.

Bright lights and Pleasing sounds

Casinos have non-stop sounds which is soothing as well has bright lights and colour. This is another way of tricking the brain into thinking that they are in a  good environment where they can play and feel excited in the hopes that they can win. This is also one of the reasons which encourages the audience to continue placing bets and give them hopes about winning.

The Casino floor

The Casino floor

This is another way of confusing people to staying longer than needed. You must have noticed that on your way to the washroom or while leaving. There are slot machines available which can be tantalising for the audience. Also the floor makes it difficult to find your way out. This is an age old trick which keep the player gambling even after they feel like they want to leave.

Playing with cards

Another way to keep the players playing games without feeling the guilt of loosing money. If you have noticed many casinos are applying them into their system. This is to trick people into thinking that they are not loosing a lot of cash as there is not physical paper money involved. It is most of the times that after you feed the ticket you realise the money you have lost while playing.


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